Blog Contents

Rachel’s Truth is mainly two things: a personal / diary blog, designed to store and share the experiences of a Malaysian university student; and a platform to bring to light important issues, especially that of in healthcare and in education, from a university student’s perspective.

In time, it is hoped that this blog will be equal parts inspiring, relatable, and above all helpful to teenagers going through tough times in primary or secondary school, or who are considering / have chosen medicine or anything related to healthcare as their career pathway.

Rachel’s Truth will be categorized into:

DIARY 2020

DIARY 2021


Core principles, weird habits, close and distant relatives, festive season and celebrations, travelling, outings, relationships


  • Pre-university preparation
  • First job as a sales promoter
  • First hospital job as patient care assistant


Experiences, friendships and relationships, online lectures, thoughts, opinions, insights


  • Medical Interview
  • Foundation In Science
  • MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine / Surgery)
    • First Year
    • Second Year
    • Third Year (Clinical)

*This blog post will be updated very regularly, due to its ever-changing nature.