Discovering a new audience

Hi everyone! My semester break has already ended, and I am now already in my 3rd week of my final semester in foundation 😀 As you might have noticed, I have not been posting since the semester began.

This is because I have noticed that lately, more and more people from my university are discovering my blog, and I stopped posting for a while – simply to think about how I feel about this matter, and how I should adjust the way I write.

After taking into account the people who may have visited my blog, and realizing how I felt as I considered abandoning my passion for writing, my final decision is that people discovering my blog is not a bad thing. I just have to get accustomed to writing for the public eye, and tailoring what I write toward the new audience I am discovering. So after proofreading and editing all my previous blog posts, I have decided to continue posting! 🙂

I have a message for my fellow peer coursemates who have found my blog, and anyone who has read or are involved in my blogposts. One, this blog is specifically targeted at our immediate juniors who are considering medicine, and to give them some insight into what medicine is really like, while covering other minor details of university life and my experiences in general. I do not do this for followers. Two, I will change facts and protect your identity if ever I wish to touch on anything that even slightly involves you in this blog. I will also try to restrict most written experiences to my own only. If ever you are uncomfortable with what I have written, for any reason at all (not necessarily privacy reasons), do let me know!

I am well aware that, by telling stories of my experiences, there is a huge crowd of amazing people involved: my family, my previous and new friends, and my ex-colleagues. It is difficult to talk about my experiences when they are so intertwined with other people.

However, I also understand that your privacy and your comfort must be ensured. I will definitely take these factors into account for every post that I write.

I realize that this is a learning process, and I am grateful for my decision to start a blog, because not only do I hope that what I write eventually benefits people — it also constantly refines my line of thought and expression of self, and thus my maturity.

Thank you! I really do hope you will enjoy the contents of my blog 😛

2 thoughts on “Discovering a new audience

  1. I’m glad you have taken some time off to take a step back and figure out how you want to go on with this. Your thoughts and experiences are interesting and it’s always exciting to see what you will post next, all the best!

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