Getting my AZ vaccine jab! (22 June 2021)

With all the concern for the AstraZeneca vaccine possibly causing blood clots in young ladies, and I was both young and a lady, my family was not sure if I should sign up for AZ. Eventually, after doing some research and getting more reassurance that the chance of occurrence of blood clots was really small, we decided to go for it.

Finally, on the 22nd of June, 2021, it was time for my jab! My dad drove us to Bangunan Peperiksaan, Universiti Malaya which was the health facility where I was going to get my jab. As I was there, I made note of the timeline of the entire process! Here it is below:

My AZ Process Timeline

1.30 left house
1.50 reach, easily found parking, scan My Sejahtera, take temperature and verify appointment time, number is given
1.55 sit at station 1 waiting area
2.00 number called, go to station 1 counter to receive consent forms
2.05 fill forms at station 2 waiting area, wait for doctor consultation
2.10 number called, go to station 2 counter for doctor consultation
2.15 done consultation, sit at station 3 waiting area
2.24 completed vaccination, go to station 4 to wait
2.27 number called, go to station 4 counter, passed consent form to lady, lady gave vaccination card and said second dose date will come out in 2-3 months (dose also will be in 2-3 months)
2.30 left vaccination hall

*All times above are in p.m.

Things to note

There was no observation time, I’m not sure why.

Links To Scan In MySejahtera During The Process

Normal QR code: while you’re outside lining up to take temperature and verify appointment

Links in timeline:
Link 1 (QR code, click here when arrived at vaccination centre): scanned at station 1 counter
Link 2 (QR code, can’t remember what link says): scanned at single chair right outside jab room
Link 3 (not a QR code): click here when taken vaccination jab at health facility

How I Felt About Taking The Jab

The process was really simple to understand. The only slight confusion was with the links I have mentioned above, all of which the staff present made clear to me during the process. The jab is only slightly painful at the moment of the jab, and I did not feel anything once the needle was removed.

Post-Vaccine Symptoms

My vaccine appointment was supposed to be at 2pm, but I got it just slightly later at around 2.30pm. At 10.30pm (around the 8th hour post-jab, my forehead started to heat up slightly. At 2.40am in the middle of the night I woke up from a fever of 38.6°C. I was feeling slightly nauseous and quite feverish, and had to use a wet towel to sponge myself. It reminded me of having fever as a child, when my mom used to pat me with a wet cloth to bring down my fever. At around 4-5 am, I woke up again in a cold sweat, but soon fell back asleep.

The next morning at woke at 7am with a slight headache. I was feeling quite weak and did not have the appetite for breakfast, but tried to eat anyway. Then I went to get more sleep until 11am. I felt much better after I woke up. My limbs still ached with weakness, but other than that my fever was already dropping at around 0.2°C at a time.

So I would say that my symptoms so far are considered quite mild, nothing too serious, no extremely painful headaches or fever beyond 39°C. It was not comfortable at all, but still bearable. I will still continue to monitor my symptoms though as it has only been one day since I took the AZ vaccine. I’ll update here if I face anymore symptoms!

Things You Need To Bring With You

I’d assumed most people already knew the list of things to bring with them on the day of the jab, but realized that people around me had still forgotten to bring a pen, etc. So I made a list here again, in case anyone might need it:

  1. IC (identification card)
  2. Pen
  3. Handphone (to scan MySejahtera)
  4. Any medication prescription that you might need to show the doctor during consultation

So that was basically how my experience of taking the AZ vaccine jab was like! Do feel free to let me know how it was for you too,